Ibiza´s hotels

Reasons to let Ibiza’s hotels beguile you

Hotel tourism in Ibiza is living its golden age, having experienced an unstoppable surge in recent years, according to recent … 0 317
Ibiza with kids
Leisure and free time, Plans for the whole family

5 Tips for Enjoying Ibiza with Kids

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Ibiza´s Sublimotion restaurant

Discover Ibiza’s Sublimotion, the most expensive restaurant in the world

12 patrons, 3 hours of spectacle and sensory overload and no less than 1,650 euros (~$1850) a head. These are … 0 369
ball pages
Cultural passport, Festivals and traditions

Have you heard of the Ball Pagés, the most traditional dance of Ibiza?

Ancient, enigmatic, truly spectacular. Just a few ways to describe the Ball Pagés, one of the biggest novelties of Ibizan … 0 391
Ibiza by bike
Getting around the island, Leisure and free time, Sport

Ibiza by Bike: 5 Unforgettable Trails

Fans of cycling tours point to Ibiza as the ideal paradise to pursue their passion, in one of the Mediterranean’s … 0 395